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Web (World Wide), ClickOnce applications
     launching directly from
     publishing to
web configuration, ASP.NET
Web Event providers
     Custom Event providers
     list of
     Web.config files
web events
     base events, inheriting from
     custom events
     lifetime events
     list of
web farms
     application state
     session state
     view state
web forms, Windows Forms 2.0 versus
Web Parts
     connected Web Parts, creating
     methods of
     personalization providers
     properties of
     shared scope, user access
     Web Parts Pages
web services
     binding, Data Sources Panel (Windows Forms)
     development of
     "Hello World" service example
     multithreaded web service consumption, smart clients
     SOAP headers
     state management
     token stores
     Transactional Services, creating
     URL, smart clients
         obtaining for
         storing in
     usage process
     Web Services Discovery
     WSDL 2nd
Web.conf files, ASP.NET State Server providers
Web.config files
     ASP.NET application security
     Forms authentication
     health monitoring system (ASP.NET)
         custom events
         lifetime events
         Web Event providers
     <machineKey> elements
     Membership provider, configuring
     Profile providers, creating
     Role provider, configuring
     SQL Server Session State providers, modifying via
WebBrowser control (Windows Control Libraries)
WebControl class
WebPartManager control (Web Parts) 2nd
WebPartZone control (Web Parts) 2nd 3rd
while loops
Win32 API, unmanaged DLLs
Windows Applications (Windows Forms 2.0)
Windows authentication
Windows Control Libraries (Windows Forms 2.0)
     Common Controls Toolbox
         Button control
         CheckBox control
         CheckedListBox control
         ComboBox control
         DateTimePicker control
         Label control
         LinkLabel control
         ListBox control
         ListView control
         MaskedTextBox control
         MonthCalendar control
         NotifyIcon control
         NumericUpDown control
         PictureBox control
         ProgressBar control
         RadioButton control
         RichTextBox control
         TextBox control
         ToolTip control
         TreeView control
         WebBrowser control
     Components Toolbox
         BackgroundWorker component 2nd
         DirectoryEntry component
         DirectorySearcher component
         ErrorProvider component
         EventLog component
         FileSystemWatcher component
         HelpProvider component
         ImageList component
         MessageQueue component
         PerformanceCounter component
         Process component
         SerialPort component
         ServiceController component
         Timer component
     data-related controls section
     dialog components section
     menus and toolbars section
     Printing section
Windows Forms 2.0
         cultures, changing
     Class Libraries
     Console Applications
     Data Sources panel, building web services
     Forms Designer
         Anchor selection pop-up
         Dock selection pop-up
         Document Outline window
         resizable forms, creating
     NET Framework
     shaped forms/controls, creating
     user interfaces, globalizing
     visual inheritance
     web forms versus
     Windows Applications
     Windows Control Libraries
         Common Controls Toolbox
         Components Toolbox
         data-related controls section
         dialog components section
         menus and tables section
         Printing section
     Windows Service
Windows Forms Designer
     Anchor selection pop-up
     Dock selection pop-up
     Document Outline window
     resizable forms, creating
Windows Installer, ClickOnce versus
Windows Service (Windows Forms 2.0)
Windows Update
WindowsAuthenticationModule class
WindowsIdentity class
WindowsPrincipal class
     ASP.NET SQL Server Configuration Wizard, configuring application services
     Data Source Configuration Wizard
     Performance Wizard
     Publish Wizard
Word documents, creating with PIA (Primary InterOp Assembly)
     Runtime Callable (RCW)
     strongly typed wrappers, accessing assembly resources
WSDL (Web Services Description Language) 2nd
WSE (Web Services Extensions)

Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
ISBN: 0672327767
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 298

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