Chapter 40. Using Enterprise Services

In This Chapter

  • Registering Serviced Components

  • Just-in-Time Activation and Pooling

  • Queued Components

  • Role-Based Security

  • Transactions

  • Shared Properties

  • Loosely Coupled Events

Enterprise Services is a suite of tools and functionality made available to enterprise applications through an operating system feature called COM+. COM+ is a component management system that provides tremendous power above and beyond the component features that the .NET Framework provides. COM+ provides a hosted environment for components that gives them abilities such as Just-in-Time activation, support for distributed transactions, object pooling, security, and even the ability for one component to subscribe to events published by another component.

This chapter assumes that you already have some basic familiarity with COM+, its purpose, and how it works. This chapter provides you with instructions on how to use C# 2005 to take advantage of the many features of COM+ Enterprise Services.

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Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
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