What You Can Do with C

What You Can Do with C#

As you will see throughout this book, you can produce all kinds of applications using C#. The C# language, and the .NET Framework underneath it, allow you to create

  • Windows applications Create compelling, fast, powerful desktop applications that can do amazing things, including update themselves over the web automatically.

  • Web applications Create amazingly powerful, rich, full-featured web applications in the shortest amount of time ever, taking advantage of new features like Web Parts, Master Pages, Themes, and much more.

  • Web services Get on board with Service-Oriented Architecture by exposing business logic and data over industry-standard protocols.

  • Data-driven applications Consume data from a wide variety of sources, aggregate data from multiple sources, and expose that data to end users through Web or Windows interfaces.

  • Mobile applications Create web applications that automatically recognize mobile platforms and adapt to the small form factor and limited capacity of PocketPCs and cellular phones.

  • Mobile clients Create applications that target the PocketPC platform and can not only communicate with other desktop applications, but can also communicate with the Internet, consume web services, and interact with SQL databases.

  • SQL Server 2005 Create stored procedures, functions, and user-defined data types that reside directly inside the SQL Server 2005 database engine for unprecedented productivity, performance, and reliability.

  • Integration applications Take advantage of COM Interoperability as well as .NET-based APIs to integrate your own code with other applications such as Office 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and much, much more.

Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
ISBN: 0672327767
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Year: 2004
Pages: 298

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