Setting Additional Printing Options

At the bottom of the Print Preview dialog box, you'll find a set of features that you can use to modify the printed output of your image. The Border option can be particularly handy if you want to experiment with adding a colored stroke to your image without the risk of harming the actual image files.

To add a stroked border


Click the Border check box to select the Border option. Then, click Show Bounding Box to deselect (turn off) that option (Figure 11.46).

Figure 11.46. Turning off the Show Bounding Box option will make it easier to see your stroked border in the preview window.

The border can be difficult to see in the page preview if the Bounding Box is also visible.


Click the small color swatch to open the Color Picker, where you can select a color for your border (Figure 11.47).

Figure 11.47. Click the color swatch to open the Color Picker, where you can choose the color to apply to your border.


From the Units drop-down menu, select a measurement unit, and then in the Border text box, enter a border size (Figure 11.48).

Figure 11.48. Select a measurement unit and size for your stroked border.

A stroke is applied to the image in the page preview.


To resize the border, enter a new value in the Border text box.


To delete the border, click the Border check box to deselect the border option.

To add crop marks

  • Select the Print Crop Marks check box (Figure 11.49).

    Figure 11.49. Click to add crop marks around your printed image.

    Crop marks appear outside the corners of the image in the page preview (Figure 11.50).

    Figure 11.50. Crop marks are automatically positioned around the margins of an image.

To add a label


Click the Show More Options check box to expand the Print Preview dialog box (Figure 11.51).

Figure 11.51. Additional print options appear if you click the Show More Options check box.


Under the Label heading, click to select the File Name and/or the Caption check box.

If a document title or description were entered for the image in the File Info dialog box, they will be represented in the page preview as gray bars. The document title (File Name) will appear at the top, and the description (Caption) will appear at the bottom (Figure 11.52). (See the sidebar "Adding Personalized File Information" earlier in this chapter.)

Figure 11.52. Labeling information will appear as simple gray bars in the preview window.

When the image is printed, the labels will appear in the locations indicated in the page preview.

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