Applying Layer Styles to Type

Since the Horizontal and Vertical Type tools create a unique text layer, you can use layer styles to make all sorts of unusual and interesting changes to your type. The significant advantage of using layer styles with your text (as opposed to using type masks) is that your text remains editable.

When choosing a font, it's a good idea to go with bolder sans-serif typefaces. This way, your type is more likely to remain readable after you've applied the style. Take a look at the Text Layer Style Gallery to see just a few examples of the different styles available.

To apply a layer style to type


Enter text in your image using either the Horizontal or Vertical Type tool (Figure 9.56).

Figure 9.56. To use layer styles with your type, first enter text with one of the type tools.


Make sure that the appropriate type layer is selected on the Layers palette, and choose a style from the Layer Styles palette list (Figure 9.57).

Figure 9.57. You can use any of Photoshop Elements' dozens of layer styles on your type. This example uses a drop-shadow layer style.

The style is automatically applied to your type (Figure 9.58).

Figure 9.58. The drop-shadow layer style adds depth and substance to the type selection, making it appear to pop out of the screen.


  • If you're not quite getting the look you want, remember that you can set lighting angle, shadow distance, and other options by selecting Layer Style > Style Settings from the Layer menu, or by double-clicking the Layer Style icon to the right of the layer name in the Layers palette.

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