Chapter 15. Troubleshooting IDSM-2 Blade on Switch

The Intrusion Detection Services Module 2 (IDSM-2) is part of a family of new generation service modules for the Catalyst 6500. The IDSM-2 provides high performance intrusion detection and prevention services from within the Catalyst 6500 chassis, using the same code base found in the Cisco IDS/IPS standalone appliances. Because the IDSM-2 module uses the same code base as the IDS/IPS Appliances, and IDS/IPS Sensor Troubleshooting is discussed thoroughly in Chapter 14, "Troubleshooting Cisco Intrusion Prevention System," the same information is not repeated in this chapter. You are strongly encouraged to go through Chapter 14 thoroughly for IDS/IPS sensor operations and troubleshooting. This chapter examines the configuration and troubleshooting which are unique to IDSM-2 blade.

Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook
Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook
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