2.4 Services

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2.4 Services

As part of the IBM Cluster 1350, IBM includes services to help ensure the system is properly configured and make the installation and commissioning as smooth as possible.

Included in the purchase of every IBM Cluster 1350 are:

  • Installation planning services

  • On-site installation

  • Warranty service and support

The following are examples of optional services that may be purchased with the IBM Cluster 1350:

  • Project support services

  • Installation and customization

  • Continuing support services

2.4.1 Installation planning services

A documented and agreed upon installation plan should be put in place to clarify key points prior to the IBM Cluster 1350 deployment. That should include:

  • Site survey (for example, power, cooling, and floor considerations)

  • Each installation step and task to be performed

  • A comprehensive test plan

2.4.2 On-site installation of the IBM eServer Cluster 1350

The product has been integrated and tested at the factory and requires approximately four hours of a Customer Engineer's (CE) time for an average-sized cluster installation. Due to the shipping limitations of the racks, the CE must install one or two remaining components in the rack and will then power on the cluster and perform basic verification of the systems.

2.4.3 Warranty service and support

Warranty support is provided for the solution as a whole, IBM as well as non-IBM hardware components. The base warranty for IBM components is three years on-site support, next-business-day response. For non-IBM hardware, the manufacturers warranty applies.

During the warranty period, the customer is entitled to on-site parts and labor for warranty repair.

2.4.4 Project support services

IBM recognizes that the procurement and installation of a cluster are a relatively small part of a much larger project. IBM can offer support for all phases of the undertaking, including systems integration, porting and tuning for the new platform, even helping with the development of new applications.

2.4.5 Installation and customization

If you are unfamiliar with clustering or Linux, IBM can send a cluster specialist on-site to assist you in customizing the cluster to more closely meet your needs. The specialist will be able to cover areas such as operating system customization, GPFS installation, performance tuning of both Linux and GPFS, and general best practices. Skills transfer for the system administrators of the cluster is an important factor, along with the opportunity to query the expertise of an experienced person.

2.4.6 Continuing support services

Although the hardware within the Cluster 1350 comes with the standard IBM warranty, it may be desirable to upgrade the level of support. Customers may elect to upgrade to a higher service level, such as 9x5 4-hour (same day) response or 7x24 4-hour response.

As well as upgraded warranty offerings, IBM offers extensive support for the cluster software as a whole. Support contracts are available that allow you to call IBM in the event of software failure or queries about any component of your IBM Cluster 1350.

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