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Chapter 4: Introducing General Parallel File System for Linux

Table 4-1: Hardware requirements for GPFS
Table 4-2: GPFS versions and kernel levels
Table 4-3: Other dependencies

Chapter 5: Cluster Installation and Configuration with CSM

Table 5-1: Recommended partitioning
Table 5-2: Node attribute definitions

Chapter 7: GPFS Installation and Configuration

Table 7-1: File system descriptions
Table 7-2: NSD descriptions
Table 7-3: Prerequisite software

Appendix A: SRC and RSCT

Table A-1: Parallel scientific environment
Table A-2: Mixed environment or database workload
Table A-3: Heavy paging or I/O environment
Table A-4: Topology Services defaults

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Linux Clustering with CSM and GPFS
Linux Clustering With Csm and Gpfs
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