Appendix A: About the CD-ROM

OVERALL System Requirements

  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Pro

    • Note that for you to use the .NET examples, you need one of these three operating systems so you can utilize Web services or compile code with Microsoft .NET. You will also need IIS or Personal Web Server installed.

    • Note that the professional versions of these operating systems will not allow you to use SSL with IIS, but you can use Apache with SSL on any of them.

    • For the Java examples, you can use Windows 98, ME, or XP but you will not be able to utilize any of the .NET examples.

  • Pentium II Processor or greater

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Hard drive

  • 128 MBs of RAM, minimum 256 recommended

    • Running both the Java Web Service examples and .NET examples simultaneously uses a lot of memory, so 256 MBs will make the example run faster.

  • .NET Framework SDK/Microsoft Visual Studio.NET recommended

    • Compiling the examples in the book with the Framework SDK is possible, but using Visual Studio.NET will allow you to easily create the Window application examples found in the book.

  • Java 2 SDK

    • The SDK contains all the components necessary to compile the examples found in the book. No visual programming environment, such as Sun One Studio, is required.

  • 20 MBs of hard drive space for the code examples.

    • If you download much of the software mentioned in Appendix B you may need up to 300 MBs to handle Visual Studio.NET and other large installations.

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