Chapter 7: Managing the Warehouse

7.1 What has to be managed

Once the warehouse has been created and is populated with data, it is very important to ensure that it is correctly managed. The warehouse must be configured for optimal performance and availability. Disk, memory, and CPU resources must be managed. In this chapter, we will describe some of the management tasks and provide advice on how to execute them.

Once again, we will make use of the GUI tools provided in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to manage our database. There are alternative methods to this approach, but we are sure you will agree that using OEM makes managing the database considerably easier.

This chapter will first provide an introduction to OEM, discuss various techniques to back up your data warehouse using Recovery Manager (RMAN), the importance of developing a strategy for disaster recovery, reorganizing the warehouse, gathering optimizer statistics, tuning the ware-house, maintaining security, and monitoring space use.

Oracle9iR2 Data Warehousing
Oracle9iR2 Data Warehousing
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