Working with Extensions: Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Visit Mozilla's extension room site at to learn all about extensions. This location is useful both for creating extensions and using them.

  • Firefox extensions can be quirky and temperamental. Often extensions can conflict or interfere with each other.

  • You should back up your profile(s) before installing extensions (refer to Chapter 4, "Managing Profiles," for tips on how to back up a profile).

  • Extensions are specific to a user profile. If you use more than one profile, you have to install the extension for each profile where it is to be used.

  • Extensions normally install automatically. However, some extensions seem to break this functionality, forcing you to install manually using a manual download and a drag and drop into the Extensions manager.

  • Mozilla's Firefox extensions pages list about 500 extensions. More are to be found on the Internet!

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