Searching Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Use more than one search engine. Each search engine specializes in its own way and can return vastly different results.

  • For common searches, save the search as a bookmark. This saves having to type the search terms.

  • Site-based searches can be done quickly from the Location bar. Just type a term and press Enter. Firefox tries to find the site that most closely matches the term.

  • With Firefox, you can have more than one favorite search engine. Just add more search engines to the Search bar.

  • Switching search engines is easily done using the Search Engine drop-down button on the Search bar. Display the list and click the desired search engine.

  • Keywords enable Firefox users to create searches for sites that have a search capability but are not search sites.

  • The Find bar enables you to search the current page for a term. The search starts as soon as you begin to type the search term. Optionally, you can highlight all occurrences of the term.

  • Firefox's History sidebar enables you to return to a site that you recently visited. Sites can be organized by date, name, and popularity.

  • Firefox keeps a history of all files it has downloaded. This history can be cleared as desired. Select the download in the Download Manager and press Delete. An option exists that tells the Download Manager to remove a download from the list after a successful download.

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