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Firefox and Thunderbird: Beyond Browsing and Email
By Peter D. Hipson
Publisher: Que
Pub Date: November 01, 2005
ISBN: 0-7897-3458-3
Pages: 352

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   About the Author
   We Want to Hear from You!
      The Mozilla Project
      The Mozilla Suite
      Why Firefox Now?
      The Mozilla Open Source Community
      Who Should Read This Book?
      What Is in This Book?
      From the Author
    Part I:  Making Firefox Yours
        Chapter 1.  Hitting the Ground Running with Firefox
      Installing Firefox
      Understanding Bookmarks and Favorites
      Synchronizing with Internet Explorer
      Making Firefox the Default Browser
      Installation and Configuration Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 2.  The Power of Tabs and Bookmarks
      Using Tabs to Manage Pages
      Opening a New Tab
      Opening a Link in a Tab
      Changing Tabbrowser Extensions Configuration Options
      Navigating Between Tabs
      Rearranging Tabs
      Opening Multiple Bookmarks in Tabs
      Using Live Bookmarks and Bookmarks in Firefox
      Working with Multiple Home Pages in Tabs
      Tabbing and Bookmark Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 3.  Finding Information with Firefox
      Firefox Search Engines
      Using the Location Bar
      Using the Search Bar
      Adding Search Engines to the Search Bar
      Switching Search Engines
      Working with Firefox's Keywords System
      Working with the Find Bar
      Storing Searches
      Navigating the History
      Searching Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 4.  Managing Profiles
      Locating Your Profile
      Using about:config
      Creating Profiles with the Profile Wizard
      Backing Up a Profile
      Restoring a Profile
      Using Multiple Profiles
      Importing Profile Information
      Sharing a Profile
      Profile Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 5.  Taking Control of Your Browser
      Understanding Web Security Issues
      Websites Written for Internet Explorer
      Blocking Pop-ups
      Blocking Banner Ads
      Blocking Ads with Adblock
      Software Installations from Non-Mozilla Sites
      Controlling JavaScript
      Using BugMeNot for Anonymous Registration
      Understanding Cookies and Firefox Cookie Controls
      Password-Protecting Firefox
      Determining the Real Location of Sites
      Using Firefox's Clear Private Data Feature
      Taking Control Secrets for Power Users
    Part II:  Extending and Modifying Firefox
        Chapter 6.  Power Firefox Tricks and Techniques
      Finding Your Configuration Files
      Firefox Global Preferences and Properties
      Creating and Editing user.js
      Cascading Style Sheets: A Primer
      Editing userChrome.css
      Creating and Editing userContent.css
      Using Themes
      Changing Browser Behavior and Appearance
      Other Browser Performance Improvements
      Pipelining More Speed
      Miscellaneous Performance Preferences
      Reporting Broken Websites
      Power Firefox Tricks and Techniques Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 7.  Themes and Plug-ins
      Browsing Mozilla Update
      Installing a Theme
      Plugging In Content with a Plug-in
      Installing Plug-ins
      Themes and Plug-ins Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 8.  Making Extensions Work for You
      Firefox Extensions: Never a Dull Moment!
      Installing an Extension
      The Most Popular Extension Categories
      Working with Extensions: Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 9.  Changing Preferences and Settings
      about:config, Firefox's Configuration Console
      about:credits Who's Guilty?
      about:plugins, Plugging into Plug-ins
      Working with about: Secrets for Power Users
    Part III:  Using Thunderbird
        Chapter 10.  Hitting the Ground Running with Thunderbird
      Thunderbird Is a Better Alternative
      Getting Up and Running with Thunderbird
      Importing Account Settings
      Setting Up Accounts
      Server Settings
      Creating Your Own Mail Start Page
      Composing and Sending a Message
      Using the Spell-Checker
      Replying to Mail
      Creating HTML Mail
      Creating and Using a Template
      Creating a Signature
      Subscribing to RSS Feeds and Blogs
      Reading Newsgroups
      Thunderbird Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 11.  Organizing Email with Thunderbird
      Managing Folders
      Labeling Messages
      Filtering Messages
      Sorting and Grouping Messages
      Using Thunderbird Address Books
      Organizing Mail Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 12.  Fighting Spam
      Security and Privacy Settings
      Understanding Bayesian Filtering
      Learning About the Adaptive Filter for Junk Mail Control
      Training the Adaptive Filter
      Changing the Junk Mail Settings
      Handling Spam
      Catchall Spam
      Living Without Spam
      Organizing Mail Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 13.  Customizing Thunderbird for Power Users
      Finding and Installing Themes
      Customizing Toolbars
      Changing the Window Layout
      Changing the Appearance of Email Messages
      Locating and Using Your Thunderbird Profile
      Other Modifications and Tasks
      Finding and Installing Extensions
      Changing Hidden Options with about:config
      Thunderbird Customization Secrets for Power Users
    Part IV:  Web Development and Firefox Extensions
        Chapter 14.  Web Development with Firefox
      Firefox and Compliance with Web Standards
      The Mozilla Developer Interface
      Web Developer Tools
      JavaScript for Developers
      Understanding CSS
      Using CSS with Firefox
      DOM Inspector
      Working with Web Development Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 15.  Creating Your Own Theme
      Preparing Your Theme
      Creating Themes
      Multibutton Images
      Background Images
      An Example: global.css
      Final Results
      Theme Writing Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 16.  Writing an Extension
      Setting Up the Development Environment
      Tools for Extension Development
      Understanding XML User Interface Language
      Working with JavaScript
      The Firefox window Object
      Creating a Unique GUID
      Firefox Command Options for Developers
      Working Through an Extension Development Example
      Extension Writing Secrets for Power Users
    Part V:  The Way of Mozilla for Programmers
        Chapter 17.  Mozilla's Tools for Developers
      Open Source As a Way of Life
      Developer Tools
      Mozilla Developer Support Tools
      Working with Mozilla Development Tools Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 18.  Browsing the Code
      Mozilla Firefox Trunk
      Mozilla Code Development Cycle
      Coding Practices
      Setting Up and Building Firefox
      Check-in Requirements
      Mozilla Source Code Secrets for Power Users
        Chapter 19.  The Future of Firefox and Thunderbird
      The History of Mozilla
      Firefox Versus Internet Explorer
      Thunderbird, Outlook, and Outlook Express
      The Internet As the Internet Should Be
      Appendix A.  Glossary
      G H
      I J K
      L M
      O P
      Q R
      V W
      X Y Z
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