Working with Web Development Secrets for Power Users

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Here are a few ideas from the experts:

  • Firefox attempts to comply with all web standards. However, just like all other browsers, there are areas that do not comply.

  • Firefox has a basic built-in developer interface. Additionally, a number of extensions can be used to improve the developer support.

  • CSS are the way that documents appear. Both the document's author and the viewer can apply style sheets to modify the document's appearance.

  • Firefox uses CSS for the browser's look and feel and for content. All styles are created using CSS and images.

  • Chrome refers to how the program (Firefox) appears to the user. When a custom style is used, the Chrome is modified.

  • Content refers to the content displayed by Firefox. You can either accept the author's styles or apply your own styles to content.

  • CSS allows multiple levels of styles to be applied. Styles loaded later can take precedence over earlier styles.

  • You can use !important to signify a style that must be adhered to. Of course, the last loaded !important overrides earlier occurrences of !important.

  • The Firefox DOM Inspector allows viewing the document hierarchy and object properties.

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