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Introducing Multiprocessor-Enabled Services

  • The integrated Multiprocessing Kernel (MPK) is responsible for providing all multiprocessing capabilities in the NetWare 6.5 environment.

  • All core NetWare 6.5 services are multiprocessor-enabled, including the TCP/IP protocol stack, Novell eDirectory, and the NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) engine.

  • NetWare 6.5 accommodates both multiprocessor-aware and non-multiprocessor applications. Non-multiprocessor applications are simply funneled to processor 0, where they execute as if they were on a uniprocessor system.

Understanding Multiprocessor Concepts

  • Threads are the basis for multiprocessing. A thread is a single flow of execution within a server, responsible for completing one very specific task.

  • NetWare 6.5 uses a scheduler process and multiple local thread queues to distribute threads to processors for execution.

  • NetWare 6.5 uses a load-balancing algorithm to make sure that no processor is overloaded.

Multiprocessor Hardware Support

  • Platform Support Modules (PSM) provide a "driver" for multiple processors that abstracts the NetWare 6.5 operating system away from complexity of the multiprocessor hardware itself.

  • NetWare 6.5 provides a PSM compatible with the Intel Multiprocessor Specification (MPS), which will support any hardware designed using this specification.

Installing NetWare Cluster Services

  • You can install NetWare Cluster Services (NCS) from iManager. NetWare 6.5 ships with a license for a two-node cluster. Clusters of a larger size require additional licenses, which are purchased separately.

  • If you are upgrading an existing cluster environment to NetWare 6.5, make sure you perform the pre-upgrade routine in iManager prior to upgrading the cluster.

Configuring Clusters

  • Configure your cluster environment from the Cluster Config page in NoRM.

  • Cluster-enable a volume (storage pool) by selecting New Cluster Volume from the Cluster Config page in NoRM.

  • Cluster-enable an application or service by selecting New Cluster Resource from the Cluster Config page in NoRM.

  • Configure parameters for individual cluster resources in NoRM by selecting the resource from the Cluster Config page.

Monitoring Clusters

  • Monitor you cluster environment from the Cluster Management page in NoRM.

  • View the status of the cluster and the various cluster resources from the Cluster Management page in NoRM.

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