Introduction to NetWare 6.5 Web Services

There are four main components of the NetWare 6.5 Web services model:

  • Apache Web Server for NetWare: The Apache Web server is an open source (read: free ) Web server that is responsible for serving more than 60% of all Web content on the Internet. In NetWare 6.5, Apache provides support for all NetWare 6.5 Web-based management tools, and support for regular Web server functionality for providing Web services and applications.

  • Tomcat Servlet Engine for NetWare: Tomcat was developed by the same folks who gave us Apache and is used to serve up Web applications. As with Apache, Tomcat is used internally for NetWare Web-based management tools, and can be used externally to provide Web-based services.

  • NetWare Web Search Server: Web Search Server offers a powerful, full-text search engine that you can use to add search capabilities to your Internet or intranet Web sites.

  • Additional Web Services: NetWare 6.5 includes several other pieces to the Web services puzzle, including MySQL database, OpenSSH, and scripting support through Perl and PHP. These services are introduced briefly in this chapter.

This chapter looks at Apache Web server for NetWare and Tomcat Servlet Engine for NetWare because they form the foundation for delivering Web services on the NetWare 6.5 platform. Several of the powerful NetWare 6.5 services rely on Apache and Tomcat, including

  • iManager

  • iFolder

  • iPrint

  • NetWare Web Search Server

  • Virtual Office

The chapter also takes a look at NetWare Web Search Server, which allows you to create powerful search services for your internal and external Web sites, thereby making them much more usable to your employees , partners , and customers.

Finally, this chapter briefly introduces several of the other Web services that are available to provide more specific tools and development functionality to your network environment.

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