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If you encounter a problem with your network that you can't solve on your own, there are several places you can go for help:

  • Try calling your reseller or consultant.

  • Go online, and see if anyone in the online forums or Usenet forums knows about the problem or can offer a solution. The knowledge of the people in those forums is broad and deep. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it, and don't forget to return the favor if you know some tidbit that might help others.

  • Call Novell technical support. You might want to reserve this as a last resort, simply because Novell technical support charges a fee for each incident (an incident can involve more than one phone call). The fee depends on the product for which you're requesting support.

When you call technical support, make sure you have all the necessary information ready, such as the versions of NetWare and any utility or application you're using, the type of hardware you're using, network or node addresses and hardware settings for any workstations or other machines being affected, and so on. You'll also need a major credit card.

Novell's technical support department also offers online information, technical bulletins , downloadable patches and drivers, and so on. They also offer the Novell Professional Resource Suite (NPRS). The NPRS is a collection of CDs, offered on a subscription basis, that includes the support knowledge base, product evaluation library, and other useful support tools to help you support your Novell environment and plan for the future.

To get in touch with Novell's technical support, or to find out more about Novell's technical support options, visit Novell's support Web site at

To open a technical support incident call, call 1-800-858-4000.

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