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WAN MAC address
WAN requests, blocking from network
war chalking symbols
war driving for WiFi access
     building wireless cantenna
     definition of
     Network Stumbler program
         networks not part of FreeNet
WAVClean program
WaveCorrector program
     changing appearance of Internet Explorer
     file downloads, speeding up
     Group Policy Editor, customizing IE with
     Group Policy Editory, customizing IE with
     Java applets, running without problems
     MSN Desktop Search
     phishing attacks
     reading web pages offline
     saving web pages in offline database
     searching the Internet
         Google Toolbar, using
     speeding up access by changing DNS settings
         fixing DNS problems
         HOSTS file
     stopping pop ups with SP2
     surfing anonymously
         software for
         Web-based anonymizer
     surfing the Web anonymously
     web bugs
     web site hosting with IIS
web bugs 2nd 3rd
web bugs, information transmitted by
web-based email, retrieving with your email software
     Hotmail mail, getting with Hotmail Popper
     Yahoo! mail, getting with YahooPOPs!
Webroot Spy Sweeper
Welty, Eudora
WEP encryption
     closing and saving sessions
     Select Area button
     starting with a contact
WiFi encryption
         Advanced Encryption System (AES)
         SP2 requirement
WiFi networks
WiFi Protected Access [See WiFi encryption, WPA]
WiFi standard
     equipment compatibility for different 802.11x versions
WiFi, ad hoc network setup
wildcards (* and ?)
     in Indexing Service queries
         ** (double asterisk)
     Recovery Console commands, use with
WinCustomize web site
WindowBlinds utility
     creating skins for
     virus masquerading as installer
     customizing appearance of
     modifying or replacing problematic files
     older programs, forcing to use XP controls
     PowerDesk, using with different versions
     version, showing on desktop
     whiteboard sessions, selecting for
Windows Address Book
     contact information for Outlook Express
     contact information in
Windows Component Wizard
Windows Explorer
     All Programs menu, reorganizing
     Better File Rename utility
         files, information about
         mobile file transfers with
     command-line prompt on desktop
     command-line shortcuts for customized views
         desktop shortcuts
         GUIDs, using with
     context menu, improving
         command prompt, opening
         copy/move to folder options
         Open With option
         Send To option
     customizing with TweakUI
     Encrypting File System (EFS)
         behavior of encrypted files/folders
         decrypting files/folders
         encrypting files/folders
         encrypting/decrypting from command line
         sharing encrypted files
     file compression, NTFS
         converting previous filesystems to
         disk space saved by
         folder compression, effects on files
         improving NTFS performance
         ZIP files versus
     folder icons and balloon text, customizing
     generating folder and file listings
     Indexing Service utility
         using the query language
    offline files
         synchronizations, on-demand and scheduled
         synchronizing to/from LAN and your laptop
     PowerDesk, using
         customizing toolbars
     shortcut menu, customizing
         adding menu items to specific file types
         adding shortcut menu items to all file types
         All Programs menu
         editing file association actions
         removing menu items
     thumbnail image quality, decreasing
Windows File Protection
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player and TweakMP
Windows Messenger
     .NET alerts, using with
         delivery of alerts
         editing/managing alerts
         signing up for alerts
    collaborating long-distance with whiteboard
         closing and saving sessions
         Lock Contents button
         Select Area button
         Select Window button
         starting a whiteboard
         Unsynchronize button
     XP Messenger Service versus
Windows Movie Maker
Windows Server 2003, Routing and Remote Access utility
Windows Update web site
WinZip program
     Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
     AirSnare program
         Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing security issues
         file transfers on ad hoc networks
         Internet connection with Bluetooth phone
         securing connection
         USB adapter
         WiFi versus
     determining if your network is hacked
     extending range of networks
     Free Networks.org web site
     hotspot fixes
         connection stuttering 2nd
         sending mail from
         SMTP relay services
         SMTP servers for popular hotspot providers
         Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) applet
     limiting number of IP addresses on network
     MAC addresses and security
     protecting home WiFi
     router logs and traffic
     SSID security
     stopping bandwidth moochers
     tracking an attacker
     war driving
    WiFi encryption [See WiFi encryption]
Wireless Equivalent Protocol [See WiFi encryption, WEP]
Wireless Network Connection Status screen 2nd
wireless networks
    extending range of
         antennas (access point or PCs), avoiding placing near large metal objects
         avoid putting access point next to outside wall
         avoid putting access point or PCs near microwaves or cordless phones
         centrally locate access point
         equipment incompatibility for different versions of 802.11x standard
         external and booster antennas, use of
         placement for access point and wireless PCs, experimenting with
         vertical orientation of access point antennas
         wireless PC antennas, pointing toward access point
    war driving for WiFi access
         building wireless cantenna
         grassroots community networking (FreeNets)
         mapping wireless networks
         Network Stumbler program
word processors, editing .reg files
Word, launching with command-line shortcuts

Windows XP Hacks
Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596009186
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 191

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