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PageRank feature (Google Toolbar)
     disabling for privacy
Paging Executive, disabling for performance
paging file
     memory use reporting in Task Manager
Paint Shop Pro
Panther X Future extension pack
parallel data cables 2nd
pathping command
peer-to-peer computing
     fighting spam
         add-in spam killer for Outlook (SpamNet)
     file sharing in Eudora
     message-viewing capabilities
Per Site Privacy Actions dialog box
     file compression and
     hard disk defragging for PC, improving
     improving for NTFS (NT File System)
     loading resources for uninstalled programs
         checking and tweaking
         cleaning the hard disk
         fixing SP2 upgrade problems
         Fresh Diagnose diagnostic tool
         getting the most out of RAM
         Registry hacks to speed up XP
         repair and recovery with Recovery Console
         speeding up with Task manager
         tracking with Performance Console
         Windows XP visual effects and
     web site, improving with caching
     wireless networks
         checking with QCheck
Performance Tune-Up Wizard
permanent redirection for web resources
personal information, protecting
phishing attacks
     zombie networks and
phones (cordless), interference with wireless equipment
phrase search (Indexing Service)
Physical Memory available, Commit Charge higher than
     allowing to bypass ICF firewall
     troubleshooting TCP/IP problems
     useful switches
Pinned Programs List
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
     use by VPNs
policies (network and multiuser), setting
policy statement for cookie use on a site
pop ups
     Messenger service
     spyware and
     stopping with SP2
Pop-Up No-No!
popping sounds in music CDs
port addresses for common Internet services 2nd
port forwarding
     home networks using NAT, to enable VPN connections
     residential gateways using NAT
port forwarding on
     closing down manually
     use by Trojan horses
positive and negative entries (resolve cache)
power-saving state, allowing laptops to enter
PowerDesk utility
     archive management with
     Compare Folders feature
     Destroy File feature
     different Windows versions, using with
     Encrypt/Decrypt feature
     File Finder feature
     finding and renaming files
     FTP client
     moving and copying files
     toolbars, customizing
PowerPoint, launching with command-line switches
     Open Command Window Here
     TweakUI utility
     Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM)
PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet)
prefetch parameters, tweaking for performance
     anonymous proxy servers for Web surfing
    cookies, protecting against
         customizing IE cookie handling
         IE privacy settings
         policy statements for cookie use
     Google PageRank feature and
     implicit versus explicit consent for use of personal information
     personal information left behind in Web surfing
     Windows Media Player, fixing problems with
     Windows Media Player, privacy preferences at installation
     changing IE settings
     closing automatically at shutdown
     connections to Internet, controlling with ZoneAlert
     location for installing, changing default
     Most Frequently Used List
         banning programs with Registry
     Open With option for Explorer files
    running at startup
         disabling with Registry
         disabling with System Configuration
properties for searching (Indexing Service)
protocols, listings under individual protocol names
proxy servers
     anonymous web surfing with
     protecting your PC with
         configuring IE to use proxies
         configuring Internet Explorer to use
         finding free, public proxies 2nd
         limiting connections to certain web sites
.pst file extension (Outlook)

Windows XP Hacks
Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596009186
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 191

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