Watching the Presentation So Far

We're not done, but we've accomplished quite a bit. Let's check our progress so far and see how the slides animate. You'll still need to add transitions between slides, but all things in time.


Select slide 1 in the slide organizer.


Click Play in the toolbar (or choose View > Play Slideshow).


Clicking Play will run the slideshow starting with the currently selected slide. To start the slideshow from the beginning (if the first slide is not selected), hold down the Option key while clicking Play.


Click the mouse button or spacebar advance to the next slide.


You can control the playback of the movie on the first slide from the keyboard. Press K to stop playback. Press K again to resume playback. Hold J to rewind the movie. Hold L to fast-forward the movie.


Click through the entire movie slideshow.


To exit the slideshow, press Q or the Esc key.

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