Styling the Titles

Using a consistent format for text blocks is important. It can improve readability as well as the appearance of your presentation.


In Navigator view, select slide 2.


In the slide canvas, triple-click the words Cable Cars to select this text.


Choose Format > Copy Style.

This command loads the format of the text, including its font, typeface, color, and point size, onto your clipboard.


Switch to slide 3 in the slide organizer.


In the slide canvas, triple-click the words The Golden Gate Bridge to select them.


Choose Format > Paste Style.

The title changes to match the style of slide 2. However, the last word is cut off.


The plus symbol at the bottom of a text block indicates that the block contains text that is not visible. You must reduce the point size or enlarge the text block, or both, so that all characters fit. When the text block has been modified so that all characters are displayed, the plus sign disappears.


Reduce the size of the title to 72 points. You can do this using the Font panel.

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