Using QuickTime Player to Optimize Content for Keynote

If you want to embed a video clip into Keynote, you'll need to optimize the file. Video files are often very large and high quality, requiring high-end disk drives and fast computers to play back in real time. However, most video can be optimized for smooth playback within Keynote, as you'll see here. Apple's own QuickTime Player is a good tool to use for optimizing video files. You'll need to have registered QuickTime Pro to use it for that purpose.


QuickTime Pro is automatically unlocked if you install any of Apple's professional video applications (such as Final Cut Studio). If you don't own any of these programs, you can purchase a QuickTime Pro license from Apple's Web site.


Launch QuickTime Player by clicking its icon in the Dock.


Choose File > Open and choose a video file on your computer.

You can use the file Green from the Movie Sample folder in the Lesson 11 folder.


Choose File > Export to convert the file to an optimized version.

The Save Exported File As dialog box opens.


From the Export menu, choose, choose Movie to QuickTime Movie.


Click the Options button to open the Movie Settings dialog box. Then click Settings to open the Standard Video Compression Settings dialog box and set the following options:

  • Compression Type: H.264

  • Frame Rate: 15 fps (this setting reduces the file size)

  • Quality: Set between M0edium and High

  • Data Rate: Automatic (this setting automatically adjusts the data rate to an optimal setting)


Click OK.

Now you'll apply a QuickTime filter to convert the color of the background movie.


Click the Filter button, and in the sheet that opens select HSL Balance from the Adjustments category. Adjust the Hue slider to taste to shift the colors in the movie to a new part of the spectrum; then click OK.


Click the Size button to enter a new size for the exported movie. Choose Use custom size and enter a size of 1024 x 768; click OK and then click OK again.


In the Save Exported File As dialog box, name the file and click Save.

Depending on the speed of your computer, it may take a while to compress the file.


Open Keynote and import the file as a background for a Keynote slide.

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