Exporting Images from Aperture

If you are a professional photographer (or even an advanced enthusiast), you may have explored or started using Apple's Aperture. This program was designed from the ground up for professional photographers. You can use Aperture to import, organize, process, and deliver digital photos.

While Aperture supports both TIFF and JPEG images, its major benefit is working with RAW camera image files. Aperture can work with RAW files from most digital camera manufacturers. Working with RAW images gives you greater control over exposure and color balance.

Here's how to convert RAW files from your Aperture library for use in Keynote or Pages.


Open Aperture by clicking its icon in the Dock or locating it in your Applications folder.


You'll find a folder called Raw Files in the Lesson 11 folder. You can import the images in this folder into Aperture if you do not have any RAW files of your own.


Select an image or images in the Browser.


Choose File > Export Versions.

A new dialog box appears.


From the Export Name Format menu, choose a naming convention such as Custom Name with Counter, and then enter an initial name (such as Farmstand) in the Custom name field.


In the Export Preset pop-up menu, choose a preset based on a file format recognized by iWork such as TIFF.


Specify a location to save the files.


Click Export.

Aperture creates new versions of the digital master files for the selected images. The new files are written to the specified location.


Quit Aperture.


Switch to Keynote or Pages and choose Insert > Choose to add the images to a slide or page.

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