Lesson 7. Creating a Newsletter

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This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Select and work with a template in Pages


Replace placeholder text


Edit image placeholders


Resize an object


Crop an image using a mask


Wrap text around objects


Flow text


Format text with styles


Export to PDF

Pages, together with Keynote, make up the iWork suite. The two programs are companions, and they share a nearly identical interface. The visual differences between the two programs exist only because Pages has a very different purpose.

Pages is a flexible word processing application with extensive support for layout and graphics.

At its core, Pages is an easy-to-use word processing application. It can be used to create a variety of documents, and it features a wealth of tools, including functions to check spelling, find and replace text, and format text with styles. However, Pages is more than just a word processor. It provides strong graphics support and a robust selection of professionally designed themes.

You can use Pages to easily create a wide variety of types of documents, including posters, postcards, resumes, reports, and newsletters. In this lesson, you will harness a newsletter template and populate it with content. Then you will export your document as a PDF file that is ready for Internet distribution.

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