Copying the Lesson Files

This book includes an ATS_iWork_06 DVD-ROM containing all the files you'll need to complete the lessons. Inside the iWork '06 Lessons folder are Lesson subfolders organized by lesson number. Within each numbered Lesson subfolder, you will find projects for each exercise.

When you install these files on your computer, it's important to keep all of the numbered Lesson subfolders together in the main Lessons folder on your hard drive. If you copy the Lessons folder directly from the DVD-ROM to your hard drive, you should not need to reconnect any media files or have problems opening projects.

Installing the Lesson Files


Insert the ATS_iWork_06 DVD-ROM into your computer's DVD-ROM drive.


Open the DVD-ROM and drag the iWork '06 Lessons folder from the DVD to your computer's desktop.


To begin each lesson, launch the specified application (either Keynote or Pages). Then follow the instructions in the exercises to open the project files for that lesson.

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