Receive It

In this stage, youll internalize and visualize the attitude words youve been saying. Youll walk, talk, and act as if you own the characteristics you seek and have already received the things you want. In other words, youll fake it til you make it. When you act as if youve already achieved and received what you want, you expedite the attitude-acquisition process, because youre doing it, not merely thinking it. Youll move into the action that will bring you closer to having what you truly desire .

Lets say, for instance, that you want to be promoted to manager of your department. If you act as if you already are the manager, youll dress the part, arrive early to work, tackle aggressive projects that prove your worth to the company, and make yourself visible. Soon youll see the rewards in a promotion or something even better.

Now, if you have a presentation to give, you can talk yourself into feeling and acting more self-assured by saying the Day 11 Confidence affirmations out loud, and turn panic into poise. And if you feel aimless, you can make your life more meaningful by studying Day 24 Purpose, and clarify why youre here and what you want to accomplish.

As you discover the power of the 30 key words Im about to give you, youll begin to spot other terms that empower and inspire you as well. Add them to your personal list and incorporate them into your vocabulary. Follow the format Ive shared in this book, and youll constantly and consciously choose language that continues to support your success.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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