Believe It

In this section, Ill explain how the right words can empower you. As you think of each of the words in this book, Id like you to remember a positive incident in your life and recall your attitude, your mind-set , and your feelings. Then, as you read the Believe It section, focus on how each word recharges and renews your attitude and enhances your success.

For example, the particular word might elicit memories of something as small as when your grade- school teacher held up your paper and told the class it was a good example of neatness. Perhaps your college roommate complimented you on your choice of clothes. Maybe you entered a contest and won or made the winning run in a ball game. Reach into your memories and pull out a positive experience like thatthink about the words others used and how they made you feel, and remember your emotions, the overwhelming sense of joy you experienced at the time. This exercise helps you remember that great things have happened to you . . . and if you believe they can happen again, they will.

Ill also give you real-life examples of success stories in everyday situationsthat is, youll see how others have benefited from practicing the principle of belief. As you read their stories, think of an incident in your own life when you role- modeled (or didnt) the quality of belief. Reflect on whether you own this attitude or whether you need to increase your determination to acquire it.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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