Believe It

Faith is the foundation for the things you hope for. The stronger your faith, the greater the possibility of seeing your desires become a reality. For example, several years ago I was diagnosed with blood clots in both my legs, but I had faith that God would heal me. While I was in the hospital being treated, my doctor explained the seriousness of the condition, saying that if even one of the clots broke free and went to my brain, it could kill me. I knew God wasnt going to let such a thing happen to meI had faith that the treatments I received would dissolve the clots and Id be restored to perfect health. My belief kept me from worrying about the outcome of the situation or asking, Why me? Instead of getting depressed about what was happening, I relied on my faith. It kept me going each day, in total trust that all would be well. Because I absolutely knew that God would heal me, Im perfectly fine today.

Faith will pull you through any situation youre facing . I know that whenever Im confronted with adversity, its my faith that enables me to overcome by causing my belief to be unshakable.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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