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In order to strengthen your faith, read, study, and listen to spiritual materials and live by trusting in God, believing that everything will work out the way it should. Take time to sit in meditation or prayer every morning and evening so that your mind and spirit can calm down. Focus on the goodness of God. In your morning quiet time, feel the trust in your heart and allow it to become a part of your soul, letting it spring from deep within you. Know that all is well. Have confidence in the fact that the universe works perfectly and in divine ordereverything is happening according to the divine plan.

Structure your day in the way youd like it to unfold, and believe that it will be so. Then, take five minutes or more to pray or meditate every evening, and reflect on all that happened that day. Be thankful for the blessings that came to you and for the ones that have yet to come your way. Be grateful for your health, your life, and your ability to improve every day that youre on this planet. Faith is nothing without gratitude, so be sure to always be thankful for what you already have.

Its also important to take the necessary steps to see the manifestation of your faith come to pass, so find out what you need to do to set things in motion. Become an active participant in making your faith real.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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