Believe It

Enthusiasm can be defined by the last four letters of the word: I A m S eriously M otivated. Communicating commitment, determination, and spirit, enthusiasm is infectious and will affect everyone around you. And it will keep you motivated as well.

During my talks, I sometimes divide participants into two groups. I tell them were having an enthusiasm contest, and I want the first group to generate the most noise it can, while the second group waits for its turn . Without fail, the second group is always the loudest, for one simple reason: Enthusiasm is contagious. But dont take it from mego to any sporting event and watch the cheerleaders. Their pep gets the crowd excited, and the crowd s exuberance then spurs the athletes on to perform their best.

Trust that enthusiasm works: The applicant with the most enthusiasm usually wins the job; the dog with the most enthusiasm gets the treat; and the person with the most enthusiasm boosts him- or herself to success. Enthusiasm is a telltale sign that you believe in yourself and what youre trying to accomplishand when youre this convinced, other people will be, too.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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