Believe It

Many things help program your beliefs, including books, newspapers, magazines, TV programs, radio broadcasts, the Internet, the things people say to you, and most important, the things you say to yourself.

For example, I vividly remember the day I ran home from kindergarten humiliated by my classmates cruel taunts because I couldnt say my name without stuttering. For several years , I endured daily reprogramming from my speech therapists and my mother to build my confidence and trust in my ability. They repeatedly told me that one day Id be able to say my name without tripping over my tongue. As a professional speaker, I thank God that I can now give an entire speech without stumbling over a word.

Thanks to my mom and all of my speech therapists and teachers , the belief was instilled in me that I could overcome this challenge. But in the end, they werent the ones who transformed me I transformed myself into a person who could speak without stammering because I believed what they told me. I incorporated their belief into my deepest being. I trusted that I could speak clearly and without hesitation or repetition. I believed it could happen, and it did.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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