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Many times you take steps and make decisions without being backed by wisdom. Often, when this happens, the choices you make arent the best ones and you end up wasting time and energy. Its critical that you seek Gods wisdom first in all your decisions. When youre angry , tired , or emotional, youre less likely to have sound judgment, so dont make any moves without spending some time alone to hear from God. During these quiet moments, think of any area where you may need more information or understanding about a particular situation. Listen for an inner knowing or voice that will guide and direct you as to how to proceed.

In relationships, problems sometimes arise when you dont understand your partners needs and goals. Once you truly understand the other person, theres no need to argue. The same is true with any other challenging situationwhat you dont understand will create conflict, which is why understanding and wisdom are critical to your success.

The phrase knowledge is power is true; however, a more correct statement would be knowledge combined with wisdom is power. The two go hand in hand, for you need wisdom to put the knowledge you have to good use. Wisdom can be looked at as the spark that ignites the flame of knowledge. Gaining more information is the first stepif youre having trouble reaching a goal, think about what you may not yet have learned. Do you need to learn how to write better so you can sell your short stories and novels ? Do you need to understand politics better so you can win an election? Ponder the areas where your information base could increase, and then find the resources you need. Once you have the information, ask God how to use that information as a stepping-stone to success and the achievement of your goals . . . thats wisdom.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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