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mail providers and protocols
main( ) methods
        HostLookup program
        UDPPoke class
man-in-the-middle attacks
manifest files
mark( ) methods
        Buffer classes 2nd
        InputStream class
markSupported( ) method (InputStream class)
markup languages
Marshall , Casey
marshalling and unmarshalling
match( ) method (Message class)
matches( ) method (Cookie class)
MBONE (Multicast Backbone on the Internet)
        session announcements
Message class
        creating messages
        getting messages from folders
        header information
                date\: header
                From\: header information
                Reply-to\: header
                subject\: header
                To\:, Cc\:, and Bcc\: headers
        implementation of Part interface
        replying to messages
message integrity checking and asymmetric encryption
META tags
methods, protected
Microsoft, Java support
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) types
        content handlers and
        content types 2nd
        headers and protocols
        MIME messages
MimeMessage class
MimePart interface
multicast addresses
multicast sockets
        clients and servers
       code examples
                multicast sniffer
        efficiency of
        multicast addresses and groups
        MulticastSocket class [See MulticastSocket class]
        routers and
                availability of
                multicast support by routers
        security issues
        UDP and
        common permanent multicast addresses
        examples 2nd
        reception by member host
        UDP and
        versus standard UDP
MulticastSender class
MulticastSniffer class
MulticastSocket class
        communicating with multicast groups
Multipart class
multithreading and data transmission
MutableAttributeSet interface
        methods for additions and removal of attributes


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