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. (period), selecting context node 2nd
" (quotation marks, double)
        enclosing values in attribute name -value pairs
        entity reference for straight (") 2nd 3rd
                XML specification
        hexadecimal escape in URIs
# (octothorpe)
        CSS attribute selector
        separating fragment identifier from document path in URLs
#FIXED attributes (XLink)
#FIXED default declaration 2nd
        explicit value must match default value
#IMPLIED default declaration 2nd
#PCDATA keyword 2nd
#REQUIRED default declaration 2nd
        value must be assigned to attributes
#x3C3F786D Unicode character
#xFEFF Unicode character 2nd
#xFFFE Unicode character
% (percent sign) in parameter entity references
%Block.extra; entity reference
%Block.mix; entity reference
%Flow.mix; entity reference
%Inline.extra; entity reference
%Inline.mix; entity reference
%Misc.extra; entity reference
& (ampersand)
        entity reference for (&) 2nd 3rd
        escaping in element character data
        in CDATA sections
> (greater-than sign)
        CSS child element selector
        entity reference for (>) 2nd 3rd 4th
        escaping, need for
< (angle bracket , left), escaping in element character data
< ( less-than sign)
        entity reference for (&lt;) 2nd 3rd 4th
        hexadecimal escape in URIs (%3C)
        in CDATA sections
        not allowed in attribute values
<!-- and -->, delimiting X ML comments
<? and ?>, delimiting processing instructions
' (apostrophe)
        entity reference for (&apos;) 2nd 3rd
                XML specification
' (quotation marks, single), enclosing values in attribute name-value pairs
( ) (parentheses)
        in element declarations
        grouping operator
* (asterisk)
        CSS universal selector
        node test
        suffix for element names
        XPath wildcard
+ (plus sign)
        CSS sibling element selector
        suffix for element names
.. (double period)
        selecting parent element
        selecting parent node
// (double forward slash)
        building compound location paths
        selecting from context node descendants
: ( colon ), in XML names 2nd
:: (double colon), in unabbreviated location paths
= (equals sign)
        CSS attribute value selector
        separating attribute name-value pairs
? (question mark), suffix for element names
@ (at sign), selecting an attribute 2nd
@* (XPath wildcard)
@name (location path, abbreviated syntax)
]]> (CDATA end delimiter )
(vertical bar)
        = (CSS attribute selector)
        combining multiple location paths
        multiple XPath matches
~= (tilde equals sign), CSS attribute selector
64-bit floating-point numbers (XPath)


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