Appendix B. SOAP 1.1 Schemas

This appendix contains the complete, official schema for SOAP 1.1. This schema is organized in two documents, the envelope schema from and the encoding schema from . The envelope schema declares the SOAP complex types SOAP-ENV:Envelope , SOAP-ENV:header , SOAP-ENV:Body , and so onthat define the basic structure of a SOAP document. The encoding schema declares the data types used in a SOAP document SOAP-ENC:int , SOAP-ENC:NMTOKENS , SOAP-ENC:gYear , SOAP-ENC:Array , and so on.

Both of these schemas are Copyright 2001 by Martin Gudgin. They are derived from the official SOAP 1.2 schemas and are subject to the fairly lenient W3C Software Licensing terms reprinted in the section entitled "W3C Software Notice and License" at the end of this appendix. The white space has been cleaned up a little to fit everything within the margins of the page. Otherwise these are exactly as published at .

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