A.21 AxAddStyleMap


This is one of the more important directives. It is responsible for mapping module stylesheet MIME types to stylesheet processor modules. (The reason you do this is to make it easy to switch out different modules for the same functionalityfor example, different XSLT processors.)

 AxAddStyleMap text/xsl Apache::AxKit::Language::Sablot AxAddStyleMap             application/x-xpathscript \ Apache::AxKit::Language::XPathScript AxAddStyleMap             application/x-xsp \ Apache::AxKit::Language::XSP 

If you prefix the module name with a + sign, it preloads on server startup ( assuming that the config directive is in a httpd.conf file, rather than a .htaccess file).

XML Publishing with AxKit
XML Publishing with Axkit
ISBN: 0596002165
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 109
Authors: Kip Hampton

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