I would like to thank my editor, Simon St. Laurent, for his wisdom and feedback, and the good folks at O'Reilly for standing behind this book and seeing it through to completion. Thanks to Matt Sergeant for coding AxKit in the first place and to Matt, Barrie Slaymaker, Ken MacLeod, Michael Rodriguez, Grant McLean, and the many other members of the Perl/XML community for their tireless efforts and general markup processing wizardry. Thanks, and a hearty and heartfelt "DAHUT!" to Robin Berjon, J rg Walter, Michael Kr ll, Steve Willer, Mike Nachbaur, Chris Prather, and the other cryptid denizens of the AxKit cabal. Finally, special thanks go out to my family, especially to my brother, Jason, whose patience, support, and encouragement truly made this book possible.

XML Publishing with AxKit
XML Publishing with Axkit
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