Section 75. About Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro

75. About Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro


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Google Earth, like most Google tools, is free. But Google also has two for-pay versions of the software, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro, each of which includes substantial extra features. Most people won't need to use either of the for-pay versions of Google Earth, but some people and businesses might find them useful. Here's what each offer:

  • Google Earth Plus costs $20, and can import Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data, offers higher-resolution printing than you can achieve with regular Google Earth, allows for animations, and includes customer support via email. To buy it, run Google Earth, select Upgrade to Plus from the Help menu, and follow the directions. For more information, go to

  • Google Earth Pro cost $400 for a one-year subscription, and is targeted at businesses rather than individuals, especially businesses that do location research and presentation. Google Earth Pro includes high-resolution imagery and data for the entire world (not just sections of it as Google Earth does), can import site plans and property lists, can import data from spread-sheets, and much more. Extra specialized modules are available for $200 each. For more information and to buy, go to

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