The class TextTestProgressListener (see Figure C-35) is a subclass of TestListener . It prints a textual "progress bar" indicating the progress of a series of tests as they are run. A sample of its output is shown here:


This shows that 10 tests were run, and 1 failure and 1 error occurred.

TextTestProgressListener belongs to the namespace CppUnit . It is declared in TextTestProgressListener.h and implemented in TextTestProgressListener.cpp .

Figure C-35. The class TextTestProgressListener


 class TextTestProgressListener : public TestListener 


TextTestProgressListener( )

A constructor.

virtual ~TextTestProgressListener( )

A destructor.

Public Methods

void addFailure(const TestFailure &failure)

A method that informs TextTestProgressListener of a TestFailure . If the TestFailure is an assertion failure, an F is printed; otherwise , an E is printed.

void done( )

Prints a carriage return and flushes the output stream to complete the output.

void startTest(Test *test)

A method that informs TextTestProgressListener that a Test is about to be run. A period ( .) is printed to indicate progress.

Protected/Private Methods

TextTestProgressListener(const TextTestProgressListener& copy)

A copy constructor, scoped private to prevent its use.

void operator=(const TextTestProgressListener& copy)

A copy operator, scoped private to prevent its use.



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