Chapter 36 -- Using the Office Binder Program

Chapter 36

In the preceding chapter, you learned how to add blocks of data— derived from other documents and programs— to a Microsoft Office document. In this chapter, you'll learn how to use the Microsoft Office Binder program to combine several entire documents in an Office binder. A binder is like an electronic paper clip— you can use it to store a set of related documents as a collection. Consider, for example, that you have prepared a report that consists of a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft Excel workbook, and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You can use the Binder program to combine a copy of each of these documents within a single binder. (You can also create new documents within the binder.) All the documents in a binder are stored within a single disk file, and once you have created a binder, you can do the following:

  • View, edit, and format all the documents directly within the Binder program window.
  • Print the entire set of documents, with consecutive page numbers and uniform headers or footers, by issuing a single print command.
  • Take the report on the road or share it electronically with co-workers by copying or sending a single disk file. (You'll never again accidentally omit an essential document.)

You can include Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents in a binder. You can also add documents created in programs from other software companies that have been designed to support the Binder. For information on sharing documents electronically over a network, see "Sharing Documents in a Workgroup."

Bring in Information from Access and the Office Tools Programs
You can also include data from Access or from the Office Tools programs (discussed in Chapter 35) in a binder by pasting, linking, or embedding the data within a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document that's contained in the binder.

Throughout this chapter, the term Binder (with a capital B) refers to the Microsoft Office Binder program, and the term binder (lowercase) refers to a collection of documents created by the Binder program.

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