Chapter 30 -- Creating Brochures and Newsletters

Chapter 30

Publish or perish! You might not be under quite this much pressure, but typically, you won't have as much time as you'd like to produce a publication. For instance, you might decide to publicize an event you've organized by printing a flyer at the last minute. Or you must hurry a newsletter along because your contributors missed their deadlines. Perhaps the two-fold brochure you thought would cover the ground is turning into a three-fold one overnight. How will you pull together an entire publication?

This chapter focuses on three types of publications you can create using Microsoft Publisher wizards: flyers, three-fold brochures, and newsletters. You'll learn how to experiment with decorative fonts, duplicate custom shapes, and add border art to text frames when constructing a simple flyer. If you're the editor of a periodic newsletter, you'll learn to create a consistent, recognizable look for your publication by repeating elements, such as a logo or masthead, on the background of every page. When creating an informational brochure, you can use Publisher's Table tool to create fold lines for your publication. And when your publication is ready to print, you can set up a mass mailing to your targeted audience.

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