Chapter 16. Implementing and Tuning BGP for Use in Large Networks


This chapter covers the following topics, which you need to understand to pass the CCNP/CCDP/CCIP BSCI exam:

  • Building a network using internal BGP

  • Understanding iBGP requirements

  • Designing and configuring a scalable iBGP network

  • Verifying the iBGP configuration

  • Controlling BGP traffic

  • Connecting to the Internet with BGP

  • Determining the BGP path by tuning the attributes

  • Redistribution between IGP and BGP

The topics in this chapter concern the advanced configuration of BGP. Whereas Chapter 15, "Connecting to Other Autonomous SystemsThe Basics of BGP," discussed basic concepts and configuration of BGP, this chapter delves into some of the complexities of BGP. In this chapter, you explore the uses of BGPwhether connecting to an ISP or even acting as an ISP with several connected organizations. The chapter also deals with the use of internal BGP (iBGP), which is BGP configured for systems within an autonomous system. The chapter covers how BGP can be configured to select a particular path and the design features and pitfalls of BGP. In this discussion of the advanced configuration of BGP, the explanation of the technology is coupled with configuration examples so that your conceptual understanding of BGP is reinforced by concrete implementation examples.

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