As mentioned in the introduction, "All About the CCNP, CCDP, and CCIP Certifications," you have two choices for review questions. The questions that follow next give you a bigger challenge than the exam itself by using an open -ended question format. By reviewing now with this more difficult question format, you can exercise your memory better and prove your conceptual and factual knowledge of this chapter. The answers to these questions are found in Appendix A.

For more practice with examlike question formats, including questions using a router simulator and multichoice questions, use the exam engine on the CD-ROM.


Which command has superceded the passive-interface command for preventing EIGRP traffic from traversing a link?


What is the preferred configuration for a hybrid multipoint NBMA network when one VC has a CIR of 56 kbps and the other five VCs each have a CIR of 256 kbps?


With four Frame Relay circuits in a multipoint solution and a bandwidth configuration of 224, what is the EIGRP bandwidth allocation per circuit, and where would the bandwidth command be configured?


Explain the purpose of the command no auto-summary .


Explain the meaning of the command ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 63 100 .


In what instances will EIGRP automatically redistribute?


How long is the holdtime, by default?


For what is the variance command used?


What command is used to display the passive and active state of the routes?


What command is used in EIGRP to perform manual summarization?


For Frame Relay, when would you configure the physical interface (as opposed to a subinterface) with the bandwidth command?


Which command is used to display all types of EIGRP packets that are both received and sent by a router?


What problems can be solved with the configuration of summarization?


Why would you configure an EIGRP router as a stub router?


Explain the parameters receive-only, connected, static , and summary used in the command eigrp stub .


When configuring the variance command, which routes can be used?


Give two reasons why you might wish to change the Hello timer.


What should be considered in terms of EIGRP configuration when there are many VCs entering a WAN and no subinterfaces have been configured?


On what occasions should you consider configuring the bandwidth on subinterfaces?

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