Certified Ethical Hacker

This exam consists of 110 questions that reflect the material covered in this book. The questions represent the types of questions you should expect to see on the Certified Ethical Hacker exam; however, they are not intended to match exactly what is on the exam.

Some of the questions require that you deduce the best possible answer. In other cases, you are asked to identify the best course of action to take in a given situation. You must read the questions carefully and thoroughly before you attempt to answer them. It is strongly recommended that you treat this exam as if it were the actual exam. When you take it, time yourself, read carefully, and answer all the questions to the best of your ability.

The answers to all the questions appear in the section following the exam. Check your letter answers against those in the answers section, and then read the explanations provided. If you answer incorrectly, you should return to the appropriate Chapter in the book to review the material.

Practice Exam Questions

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep
Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Prep
ISBN: 0789735318
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 247
Authors: Michael Gregg
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