Social Sciences

Steal This Computer Book 3(c) What They Won't Tell You About the Internet20031593270003
Telecom for Dummies2006047177085X
Telecommunications Essentials(c) The Complete Global Source20070321427610
Cultural Imperative20021877864986
Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era20031591402670
Nanotechnology. Science, Innovation, and Opportunity20030131927566
Telecommunications Essentials20050201760320
Computing Information Technology. The Human Side20031931777527
Blogging in a Snap20030672328437
Complex IT project management(c) 16 steps to success20040849319323
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce20041591402123
Addressing the Human Capital Crisis in the Federal Government. A Knowledge Management Perspective20030750677139
Ruling the Root(c) Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace20060262134128
Spidering Hacks 20050596005776
Everyware. The dawning age of ubiquitous computing20040321384016
COM+ Programming. A Practical Guide Using Visual C++ and ATL2000130886742
Team Bush. Leadership Lessons from the Bush White House200271416331
Maximum Accessibility(c) Making Your Web Site More Usable for Everyone20020201774224
Inescapable Data. Harnessing the Power of Convergence20050137026730
Investigator's Guide to Steganography20030849324335
Don't Think Pink(c) What Really Makes Women Buy(c) and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market2006081440815X
Mobile Commerce Applications2004159140293X
Responsible Management of Information Systems20041591401720
Americans at Work. A Guide to the Can-Do People20041931930058
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