Chapter 36: The GOPTIONS Procedure


The GOPTIONS procedure provides information about the values of graphics options and the global statement definitions that are currently in effect in your session. The values displayed are either the defaults of the current device driver or user -defined values that have been assigned in your SAS session. You can use the GOPTIONS procedure to

  • list the current values of all of the graphics options, or of one specified option

  • display the values of all of the AXIS, FOOTNOTE, LEGEND, PATTERN, SYMBOL, and TITLE definitions that are currently in effect.

Note: Do not confuse the GOPTIONS procedure with the GOPTIONS statement. The GOPTIONS procedure lists the values that are defined in a GOPTIONS statement as well as in any other global statement definitions. See GOPTIONS Statement on page 146 for a list of the graphics options that you can set with the GOPTIONS statement. See Chapter 8, Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary, on page 261 for a complete description of each graphics option.

The list of graphics options displays in the SAS LOG window and includes the names of the options, the current values, and a brief description of each one. You can use PROC GOPTIONS statement options to control what information is listed and where it appears in the LOG window. Output 36.1 contains part of a sample LOG listing.

Output 36.1: Parital Output from the GOPTIONS Procedure
start example
 SAS/GRAPH software options and parameters               (executing in DMS Programming Environment environment)  NOADMGDF                     GDDM driver output an ADMGDF file  ASPECT=                      Aspect ratio (width/height) for software characters  NOAUTOCOPY                   Automatic hardcopy after display  NOAUTOFEED                   Automatic paper feed after plot  NOAUTOSIZE                   Change character cell size to preserve device                               catalog rows and columns  BAUD=                        Communications line speed  BINDING=NOBINDING            Binding edge  NOBORDER                     Draw a border around display or plot  CBACK=                       Background color  CBY=                         BY line color  CELL                         Hardware characters must be on cell boundaries  CHARACTERS                   Use hardware characters  CHARTYPE=                    Select hardware font  CIRCLEARC                    Use hardware circle/arc generator  NOCOLLATE                    Collate output  COLORS=( )                   Default color list  CPATTERN=                    Default pattern color  CSYMBOL=                     Default symbol color  CTEXT=                       Default text color  CTITLE=                      Default title, footnote and note color  DASH                         Use hardware dashed line generator  DASHSCALE=                   Dash pattern scale factor  DELAY=                       Animation delay time in milliseconds  DEVADDR=                     IBM Device address, qname, or node name  DEVICE=                      Default device driver  DEVMAP=DEFAULT               Output character map for hardware text  DISPLAY                      Display graph on device  DISPOSAL=NONE                Image animation disposal method  DRVINIT=                     Host command executed before driver initialization  DRVTERM=                     Host command executed after driver termination  NODUPLEX                     Duplex printing  NOERASE                      Erase graph upon completion  FASTTEXT                     Use quicker, less precise, integer font rendering                               routines; generally unsuitable for multiple device                               or templated replay situations. 
end example

Note: All of the graphics options that are displayed by the GOPTIONS procedure are described in Chapter 8, Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary, on page 261.

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