Building and Adding Tables

Using the query from the last example, you can build a new table from the results.

Creating a Table From Query Results

In the SQL QUERY COLUMNS window, select
View Tables
to return to the SQL QUERY TABLES window.

From the SQL QUERY TABLES window, select
File Create Table from Query Results

click to expand

Select the right arrow next to the Library field to display a list of available libraries.

click to expand

You can also type the library name in the Library field.

Select SAMPLE to include your new table in the SAMPLE library.


If you do not have write access to the SAMPLE library, then select SASUSER instead.

Select OK .

Type WAGE in the Table field.

Type Hourly Wages in the Label field.

Select OK to return to the SQL QUERY TABLES window.

Tools Reset
to reset your query. Select OK from the dialog box that appears. Note that SAMPLE.WAGE is now in the Available Tables list.

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