Chapter 25: Array Processing

Definitions for Array Processing


  • is a temporary grouping of SAS variables that are arranged in a particular order and identified by an array- name . The array exists only for the duration of the current DATA step. The array-name distinguishes it from any other arrays in the same DATA step; it is not a variable.

  • Note: Arrays in SAS are different from those in many other programming languages. In SAS, an array is not a data structure but is just a convenient way of temporarily identifying a group of variables.

array processing

  • is a method that enables you to perform the same tasks for a series of related variables.

array reference

  • is a method to reference the elements of an array.

one-dimensional array

  • is a simple grouping of variables that, when processed , results in output that can be represented in simple row format.

multidimensional array

  • is a more complex grouping of variables that, when processed, results in output that could have two or more dimensions, such as columns and rows.

Basic array processing involves the following steps:

  • grouping variables into arrays

  • selecting a current variable for an action

  • repeating an action.

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