List of Outputs

Chapter 4: Using SAS Files

Output 4.1: Portion of PROC CONTENTS Output Using the V9 Engine

Chapter 7: Accessing Shared Executable Libraries From SAS

Output 7.1: Log Output for Accessing Character Strings with the PEEKCLONG Function
Output 7.2: Grouping SAS Variables as a Structure
Output 7.3: MODULEIN Log Output
Output 7.4: Updating a Character String Argument
Output 7.5: Log Output If Request Access Is Permitted
Output 7.6: Log Output for Successful Completion (Access Permitted)
Output 7.7: Log Output for Using PEEKCLONG to Access a Returned Pointer
Output 7.8: Log Output for Using Structures
Output 7.9: Invoking a Shared Library Routine from PROC IML

Chapter 12: Functions and CALL Routines Under UNIX

Output 12.1: Portion of PROC CONTENTS Output
Output 12.2: Portion of PROC CONTENTS Output

Chapter 14: Macro Facility Under UNIX

Output 14.1: Sample SYSRC Values
Output 14.2: AUTOCALL Library Example

Chapter 15: Procedures Under Unix

Output 15.1: PROC DATASETS Example
Output 15.2: Creating a View with a Dummy BY Variable

Chapter 17: System Options Under UNIX

Output 17.1: Log Output for the CATCACHE System Option
Output 17.2: FULLSTIMER Output
Output 17.3: STIMER Output

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