Chapter 2: Philosophy of Hardware Overclocking

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The complexity of system programs and application software is steadily increasing. Each individual can choose, purchase, and fine-tune a computer. Some time later, the PC user inevitably encounters performance problems when attempting to complete new tasks. After resources for improving computer performance by optimization have been exhausted, the user must take a more radical approach, such as purchasing a new computer, upgrading the existing one, or even using overclocked modes.

Computer performance and its functionality strongly depend on the parameters of the components in computer system and on their coordinated operation. It is not sufficient to choose a computer and determine its hardware components and software configuration. A computer must be fine-tuned and customized if you want to achieve maximum performance from its components and maximum efficiency from its functional capabilities. Furthermore, like any complicated device, a contemporary computer needs maintenance and service, and its software and hardware components must be used correctly.

If you ignore these requirements, an expensive contemporary computer will operate less efficiently than earlier and significantly cheaper models that have been optimally tuned.

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